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Ghaziabad, UP, India
Principal Maharishi Vidya Mandir Obaidullaganj- M.P.


    My effort is dedicated to those countless noble souls who defended the Indian culture even in odd and adverse circumstances, and suffered a lot pain for the preservation, promotion and protection of the glory of our great nation. They lay down their precious life and tried their best so that Indian spirit and culture may remain alive.
   It is also a dedication to all those brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves in the battlefield with a smile and a hope on their face of a bright future of their countrymen. Along with it it is also a dedication to the hope of this country i.e; the youths of the day who have a capability to make a revolutionary change in the present social and political scenario .
As we need a corruption free, truthful, dedicated, dutiful Indian social system.

   It is a invoke to all those who love this nation called Bharatversha and have faith in its prosperous and incredible heritage .
Let us join together a national movement.

Come and give a helping hand to the service of our motherland
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       If not now then when?
       If not you then who?