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Friday, April 29, 2011

BABA MAURYA Bharat Bhakti

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What is Shri Mourya, (Baba) as an artist? His personality may be better highlighted if we ask the question, what he is not….and, to call Baba an artist grossly falls short of the sum total of his personality as it fails to capture the subtle nuances of his reflective, creative and expressive personality.
To my mind, to sum it up in one entence, instead of being a disciple of one art, for the sake of being an artist, he is an artist of pure expression. He uses not just one, but any art that is the right medium to express his particular inner reflection as creativity.
The creative personality of this young artist eludes the norms of usual expression in the intellectual and creative field of art. Baba is such a charismatic artist of expression that unless one has seen and known him, it is hard to fathom the expanse of his works.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Complete Work of Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda's work is very inspirable for each indian.
Every indian who love his culture and want to learn about great heritage of our forfathers should study some text written or compiled by swamiji.
His famous speech at American Parliament of Religiions.
His call to indian youths.
And Finally his complete works.
Visit  following links for more on Swamiji.

Valu Education At RamKrishan Mission

Value Education

The social scientists and thinkers agree that the most of the problems are related to value or rather the lack of it. The subsequent committees for educational reforms have brought out the fact that the existing educational system lays greater emphasis on individualism, competition, verbal fluency, or linguistic ability which implies mere acquisition of information. The ethos of the existing system is highly authoritarian where virtues such as equality, love for truth and spirit of enquiry cannot be sustained or enhanced.

Therefore, we must try to foster certain values among the masses which will help strengthen the virtues of justice, democracy, love, truthfulness and sympathetic understanding of others’ views. Of all sections of the society, young generation, especially the students, must be exposed to these values so that strong foundation for a moral and ethical society can be laid.

The Institute tries to promote this objective through various means.
*The Workshop: *One of the efforts of the Institute involves in organizing an annual Value Education Workshop for students. Here, the students are imparted training in values thorough, lectures, interactions, presentations and the like. Eminent scholars and educationists are invited for this propose. The students are required to do some community service, like working in the villages, for 2 days at least as a part of their value education so that the values taught in the class is also actualized through their action in field work. Certificates are awarded by the Institute after the successful completion of the workshop.
 For more Details Visit:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Corruption Free India

For a corruption free INDIA morden Gandhi Annaji Hazare aamaran anshan par hain.
Aao hum sab bhee unke saath apne Bhart ka navnirman karne mein sahyogi bane.
Navratre kee navshakti ka aashish pakar apni matribhu kee seva ki aur ek kadam badhain.
Desh ko cricket ke unmaad se bhee jyada isi ki jarurat hai. World Cup ne hamein jis rashtriya bhavna se joda hai aao uska sanchar apne desh ko nacvjeevan dene mein karein. SMS karo, Phone karo, Logo ko jagruk karo kaise bhee karo desh ke liye kuch na kuch jarur karo. Hum akele nahi hain, Lakhon kee sankhya mein log jut rahe hain. hum bhee kisi se peeche nahi hain. Ek saath milkar jutenge to vah din dur nahi jab hamari beemar bharat mata purnatah swastha hokar apne Gauravmayee Sinhasana par pratistheet hoyegi. Navratro ke maa ko apni Bharat Maa ke swaroop mein pujan karne se hee hamari navratra puja safal hai.  
Jai Hind Jai Bharat
Links for the anticorruption movements: